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Punt & Earn

Decentralised P2P punting With

Want to know $ty+

HODL and earn

All holders earn from every transcation by getting  4% levied on transaction which is to all holders depending on how much they hodl at the particular point of sale. for the sale 

Punting on Tipyield

Punt on sports, crypto, stocks, even current affairs or when your mate will have a wedding either by joining a pool or one on one with your mate. A yielder, bookie or punter no matter what you choose in tipyields you are a winner

Automatic LP

Th LP automatically gets funded with every trade on a sell 4% is added to liquidity 

Way forward

About Tipyield

How to earn on tipyield


Hodl and earn

The yielder

Bond your $TY+ and earn up to 82% APY meaning you get a 59% interest daily on what you bond. Meaning that if you bond the minimum 100TY+ for 2 years you will have a total of 331TY+ when your bond matures. meaning you will be collecting averagely 2TY+ weekly .

We will be later introducing a high risk yielding baby YT which can earn you up to 300APY. this should be available 1 month after launch


Start your own bookie gig

The house

Be a bookie and earn 5% fees from every successful bets you create. This is a feature enabled to create multiple opportunities for players where the whole betting systems will have different providers, also if you are a bookie you earn TY+ as a facilitator, so bring on your communities and let them join your punting house.


Punt and win 

The player

Be a punter and hopefully you win so that you can get a share of the losers tab after all charges have been deducted. This is the ultimate ruler of our ecosystem. with many bookies to choose from you are allowed to bet on different opportunities and with no crazy fees means you win more than other tradition betting houses.

Our Events


1BNB = 1000YT+

13th July to 17th July


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